Best burger in town at "The Bird Hamburg" - Eating like a little bird can be done elsewhere.

N , the cute-sounding name " The Bird " does not stand for cupcakes and shabby-chic furniture in Hamburg's trendy suburbs. At The Bird in St. Pauli, the focus is on something completely different: Steaks from the Black Angus and elemental burgers made from home-spun German beef steak come with hand-cut fries on the plate. And that's not too tight.

The interior and exterior furnishings are rather puristic. But these are the burgers, too, and so it all fits together wonderfully. On the menu you can find good, solid burger combinations with not too many ingredients. Since the thick cutlets of fresh minced meat can really come into their own. With trick, camouflage and fool under fancy sauces or the usual half-sliced ​​tomato slices and alibi lettuce leaves you will not stay here. Not even with frozen products, ready-to-eat dressings or cheese cake mixes - all homemade stuff. That's why you can order your burger magnificently as you would with steaks (or America): rare, medium rare, medium, medium done or done. In addition, the hand-cut fries, home-baked cucumbers and a crisp salad with red onion. We're in business ...

The map By the way, it clearly shows us that a roasted burger is a shame - we also find that and order our burger medium. For tots (or big chuckling boys of 6 years), of course, there are also Kinderburger in the 3-cheese-high portion.

The friendly service harmonizes wonderfully with the style of the chili sauce bottle. Hello Rockabilly Diner Flair.

Bissi Looking over to the exciting neighbors and having a beer help to adequately bridge the waiting situation.

Then the time has come: the first burger is coming! Envious and voluptuous glances from everyone at the table ... Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Then comes MYER! "Da Birdhouse": The Hausburger is a double burger with cheese, bacon, grilled onions, ketchup, mustard, homemade gherkin and enough fat to kill a donkey. (Quote from the menu). I like!

The burger of the man. Yeaahhh! It's pink, baby!

And we're done. Really. Schnaps optional. But we live.

For vegetarians there by the way also a burger variant with grilled Portobello. But you also have to accept the carnal appetite at the next table.

The Bird
Trommelstr 4
St Pauli
20359 Hamburg

Phone: 040 7566 2333
Fax: 040 7421 4234

And by the way , Cash is king. That means CASH ONLY.

SUNDAY 16- 23