Bye sauce hollandaise. Hello oven asparagus with lemon crumbles!

D eutschland united asparagland, ne. Hehe. No, I apologize for this near-Kalauer course. But that's such a special thing with the Germans and their white asparagus. While the other European nations look doubtfully and shake their head at the pale, rather neutral-tasting vegetables and really prefer to export, than to eat themselves, Germany is on time at the end of April/beginning of May completely excited: The first German asparagus is here! In the Essen & Trinken 05/12 Okka Rohd has wonderfully portrayed the dilemma in her column: How to explain - darning once again - the German asparagus enthusiasm to an Englishman? Of course, her buddy James lacks any understanding for that. Rituals, says Okka. Asparagus is one of the rituals that gives us peace of mind that our lives are in order. Like the penalty shootout against England. James decides to rename the "Krauts" into "asparagus". Great!

Personally, I've always found asparagus okay, but not particularly record-breaking. Somehow spring is all about eating asparagus once or twice, is not it? Most of the time it is served anyway with a sauce hollandaise from the pack, which has never seen a trace of butter, but a shaken amount of flavors. At some point the asparagus time is over - well.

This attitude to the noble vegetables has actually fundamentally changed Sunday noon. I'm crazy for asparagus! I want asparagus! I adore asparagus! Guilt is a recipe from the food and drink. As soon as I read it, I knew I had to try it:

The asparagus is simply cooked in a roasting tube in the oven with a Mediterranean dressing. Add as lemon crumble. That sounds so adventurous - it just has to be good! And so it is ... The asparagus picks up the aroma of the dressing with olives, white wine vinegar, chilli and (in my case) pistachios completely in every single stalk and is extremely spicy. In addition, occasionally small pieces of olive and chilli are added as flavor accents. By the way, the asparagus cooks in the frying tube, but not churned.

Speaking of taste accents: The lemon crumbles are an exciting addition to the asparagus and are reminiscent of breadcrumbs roasted in butter.

Delicious! Delicious! Delicious! My asparagus life is in perfect order!

And here comes the recipe for oven asparagus with lemon crumble (2 servings)

Lemon Crumble
Made from 70g flour , 30g room-warm butter (vegans use margarine), 1/2 tsp Salt and the fine Abrasion 1 Organic Lemon with your hands knead fine crumble. Refrigerate for 1 hour. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees and bake the sprinkles on a medium rack for about 15 minutes until golden brown. Allow to cool completely.

Oven asparagus
1 kg of asparagus
wash, peel and cut off the ends. Separate enough of a roasting tube and put the asparagus in it. Tie one end of the frying tube.

Asparagus dishes and sections in a large pot with 300 ml of water , 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 pinch of sugar > boil up. Let it draw for 30 minutes and drain through a fine sieve - catching the asparagus saute. Finely chop 1 red pepper and 10 olives . Peel and chop 60g of roasted pistachios .Stir in the chopped olives, pepper and pistachios.

Pour the asparagus dressing into the frying tube, tie it to the other end and shake gently to distribute the dressing. Then place on a tray lined with parchment paper and prick a slit (see instructions for use Bratschlauch).

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and bake the asparagus in the frying tube for about 35 minutes.

The Open the foil carefully, place the asparagus on a preheated plate and drizzle with the dressing.

Serve with slippery parsley and serve the lemons separately.

Tip: The asparagus is great great with a hefty fish and oven-roasted potatoes.