{Pickles} Fast home-pickled ginger, with chili, orange or tonka bean

W as? HOW MUCH? I close my eyes and try to decipher the price tag. 4.29 euros? That cant be true. But what is obviously true is that I need my glasses much more urgently than I had previously thought. ( Old-sightedness said the charming optometrist, we talked about it recently.) I fumble my glasses out of my pocket and look back at the price tag with an instant sharpened look: pickled ginger, 4.29 euros. Ha, so yes! Doubting, I look at the amazingly small glass in my hand. The content consists of liquid and about 15-20 driving thin slices in it. I look at the price tag. I look at the glass. No doubt - they are obviously serious.

I stand in front of the Asia shelf in the supermarket of my trust. And I'm off my socks. Of course you have to spend more in the normal supermarket for such specialties as pickled ginger. In Asia store you get the stuff not in vain - but it is still much cheaper than this mini-glass in my hand. Today, I've been thrilled with a delicious recipe all day long. And for that I absolutely need exactly this ingredient. But now even more to run Asia store is in no (time) ratio. But 4.29 euros? I do not want to buy that. Nope. I am stubborn. 30 seconds later, I board the vegetable department and immediately find something: Fresh ginger root - 1 kg 6.99 euros. Ha! Now we are in business. It can not be that hard to make pickled ginger yourself.

It's not. It's even amazingly easy! Something, water, sugar, vinegar and fresh ginger root, a few empty twist-off glasses * ... and five minutes later you have a lot of pickled ginger ready on the shelf. And since I like to play around with food, I've just put in a few variants: chilli, orange peel or tonka beans give the ginger a very tasty twist.

(* Glasses with a screw cap that can form a vacuum eg from bought mustard, cucumbers, marmalade etc.)

Taste the different flavors with traditional, vege Taric or vegan sushi. That's really exciting! Also sandwiches, salads, soups, dressings, sauces and dips are very happy about the delicious taste kick. Does that sound good? I'm curious what you're saying.

Have it!

And here comes the recipe for quick self-pickled ginger, with chilli, orange or tonka bean

=" col "> Ingredients for 4 small glasses:

400g of fresh ginger root
150ml of water
150 ml of light rice vinegar
100 ml of apple cider vinegar
160 g of raw cane sugar
2 heaped teaspoon of salt

to aromatize
1 spicy chilli pepper
1 untreated orange
1 larger tonka bean

4 small twist-off jars with lids

= "col"> And this is how it works:

Wash whole young ginger with a very thin bowl and then cut into thin slices.Peel the orange peel thinly with a peeler and then cut into strips. Divide the tonka bean into 4 pieces.

Distribute the ginger slices once and three times, each with a flavoring additive, on the glasses. Gently squeeze the ginger but do not squeeze.

Boil water with rice vinegar, cider vinegar, sugar and salt in a small pot while stirring. Boil briefly bubbly and then immediately distribute the marinade on the glasses. Put on the covers, close tightly (be careful!) And turn the glasses upside down. (When the glasses have cooled, a vacuum has formed - the lid does not push in with your finger, which is great for shelf life.)

Let the pickled ginger go through for at least one day. A week does not hurt at all.

The pickled ginger stays in the fridge for several weeks. If you want to preserve the ginger for longer, sterilize the jars and lid for at least 15 minutes at 100 degrees in the oven.

Always use a clean spoon to remove the ginger from the jars. This extends the shelf life considerably.

The marinade of the fully lined pickled ginger is also great as an ingredient for sauces, dips and dressings.