Sweet summer roll with rice pudding, rhubarb and pistachio pesto

"U and how did you get the idea?" Mats asks. Eva and Mats stopped by for dinner last Saturday. When eating alone it usually does not stay - of course, a lot of Pink Gin Tonic is always in the game. We chat, listen to music and sometimes we perform spontaneously at midnight a little bit Singstar ... Eeeeeeeeeternaaaaal flaaaaahaaaaame (my specialty). In any case, it's always nice and relaxing, long evenings. And for that you absolutely need a solid foundation. Which brings us back to the idea that Mats was a bit confused: The idea for the basic dessert.

I had it at exactly the time when I left the asial shop in the morning the road entered. I had the newly purchased package rice paper clamped under my arm, in my hands I carried green plastic bags from Gemüsehöker. Then it made "zwwwooooosch" and on the still empty dessert plates in my mind's eye appeared by thought flash a sweet filled rice paper roll. How did she get there? No idea. Probably that was a minor synapse accident at the intersection "Just bought rice paper" corner "I do not have any dessert for tonight".

In any case, I found the idea so exciting that the rest quite Quickly went: filling - rhubarb from the left green plastic bag. Even more filling - Rice pudding from the kitchen shelf at the bottom right. And is not there always a dip for the filled rice paper roll? Dipp - sweet pesto made of green pistachio nuts and mint ... So buy some pistachio nuts soon.

In the afternoon I cooked rice pudding first and steamed rhubarb. While everything cooled a bit, the pesto came into the mortar. Rice pudding and rhubarb were then rolled relaxed into the soaked rice paper and stored under cling film.

When the main course is done, the summer rolls are then partially or wholeheartedly cut and served with the pesto.

And here comes the recipe for Sweet Summer Role Rice pudding, rhubarb and pistachio pesto (2 servings)

Rice pudding
200 g rice pudding Bring to a boil with 800 ml of milk , 3 tablespoons of sugar and 1 pinch of salt in a large saucepan. Add the peel of 1/2 untreated orange , 1 cinnamon stick and 1/2 teaspoon ground vanilla pod and set the heat to the lowest level. Stir the rice pudding for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally (note, make sure that it really does not cook - otherwise it will inevitably begin.) When the rice pudding has thickened, add 1 cup of cream , stir well and let it grow to the desired consistency on low heat. Finally, season with sugar or maple syrup as needed.

4 Rods Rhubarb Clean, remove threads and cut in half. Steam the rods in the steamer insert for approx. 8 minutes. Add 2 tablespoons brown sugar and grind to a paste. For finish, add pistachio oil (or neutral oil) and some mint leaves and work in until a smooth sauce is produced. If this is too exhausting in the mortar, refill the paste into a high bowl and hold in once the blender.

Have 8 sheets of rice paper
ready. Put on a large plate milk . Put 1 sheet of rice paper into the milk until it has become soft and transparent. Leave to drain briefly, place on a board, fill with rice pudding and rhubarb, if necessary sprinkle with a little sugar and roll up (see step by step below). Continue until all sheets have been used up.

Serve with pesto: