The new category: Harness stories. Today told by Steffi Luxat.

E is great! Food is great! Some people even find food so exciting that they write books or blog about it. Insane! But what about the "below and drumrum"? Without bowls, pots, glasses, bowls, plates and all the stuff - short without dishes - there would be the tastiest Schmackofatzereien not at all. And each of us has a special piece in the closet, without which the cup of coffee does not taste right, the weekend is not weekend or the cake after grandma's recipe just is not so easy. Or maybe you also own one of those grotto-ugly, battered plates, but with a wonderful memory is linked and therefore will remain with you forever? These stories belong to the public. Definitely.

In my new section Tableware Stories I invite very different people to show one of their special pieces and to tell the story behind it. And Steffi Luxat is the beginning today. I was really happy when Steffi immediately agreed to take part. She is not only an incredibly personable person and head of department at the magazine Brigitte, but also the woman behind the great blog Ohhh ... Mhhh ..., which makes every morning a few thousand readers a little happier.

My idea Incidentally, Steffi has a delightful cup that is worth a story in every way. She tells us here in tender words today. And it immediately makes us a little bit happier:

Steffi Luxat: This cup is full of emotions

Thank you, dear Steffi, and a magical day full of stories, dear everyone!