Cocktail: Swimming pool - a creamy pleasure from the 80s

W he likes the spaghetti ice cream, these little frozen cream buns among the vanilla worms, will love this drink.

Stop. Stop. I prefer to start again differently - the mixologists among us should not be deterred by strange Frollein desires. So: Charles Schumann developed this drink in his Schumannn's Bar in Munich and published it in the mid-80s. It sounds a bit befitting, is not it?

We remember ... the 80's: Miami Vice, fast motorboats, colorful pleated vanillas, villas with pools ... * soifz * and funny colorful drinks with umbrellas, glitter and stirring sticks. Although I collected the wonderful Leonardo glasses at the time, I still had a touch too young to fully enjoy these bright drinks.

But that does not matter. All I had to do was wait for the minority of 23 years for a Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson Européenne evening with friends on the home sofa. (Lately the beloved event is called Eurovision Song Contest. But I'm conservative there . To properly celebrate the worthy event, the man has served this wonderful drink. Light blue, with pink flamingo sticks and two plastic red cocktail cherries! There are voices saying that I squeaked in delight. This is of course fictitious.

Cocktail: Swimming pool - a creamy pleasure from the 80s |

In fact, the fancy drink from the Coladas family is not just a visual dream. He is in contrast to the usually very sweet, extremely lush Pina Coladas extremely refreshing. At least if the man makes it.

Cocktail: Swimming pool - a creamy pleasure from the 80s | GourmetGuerilla. DE

And here comes the recipe fpr 1 glass" swimming pool "

2 cl white rum, vodka, sweet cream and coconut cream with 6 cl pineapple juice and 1 cl Blue Curacao in the shaker with something Shake ice . Strain in a beaker with not too much crushed ice and garnish with cocktail cherries.

Even a flamingo wants to dive in the pool ...

 Cocktail: Swimming pool - a creamy pleasure from the 80s |

After two or three swimming pools can it ever happen that the glass blurs a bit, while Fantasy Island and its inhabitants conspicuously gain in edge ... did I already mention these little frozen cream bunnies? The man already knows what comes next: "Chatz, can I still?"

Cocktail: Swimming pool - on creamy pleasure from the 80s |