Peas and pistachio pesto

N Nothing beats a homemade hollandaise for asparagus. Jain. You should definitely try this somewhat unusual alternative. The peas give a slightly sweet note that makes classic white asparagus appear in a whole new light. Also, (Black Forest) ham benefits surprisingly from it.

The pesto can also be great to imagine other vegetables, pasta or meat. Or on fresh pita bread and delicious little sandwiches ...
Read in the effilee 5/2011 and slightly modified.

300 g of fresh hulled or frozen peas 2 minutes in boiling water Blanch, fry with cold water and drain.

With 30 g roasted pistachios without shell, 1 garlic clove , 30 g grated Parmesan , 8 tablespoons olive oil , 1/2 bunch basil , salt and pepper do not puree too finely. The pesto will benefit if you can still taste the individual parts of the brush.

If you like, add a touch of chili powder to it.

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